RO Mobile: Mini Game at Wasteland, Louyang

There are 3 mini games to complete.

  1. Monster Photography
  2. Card Matching
  3. Monster Quiz

1. Monster Photography

Follow exactly what the game asks you to take picture of.

> 1 Lunatic means AT LEAST 2 Lunatic in the photo
<1 Lunatic means ZERO Lunatics
=1 Lunatic means ONLY 1 Lunatic

Sometimes you have to wait until the monsters walk into your path. It’s a silly game but rewards the patient.

I find that taking picture by moving the camera to be directly above and zoomed in/out helps a lot.

2. Card Matching

Simple enough, find the PAIRED cards. A small child could get this right. If you find difficulty in completing it, keep trying. Your memory will only get better!

3. Monster Quiz

Tricky quiz. But here is the complete guide for you!

(images from RomCodex & ROGuard)

Rewards: Zeny & Spirit Tree Materials (like a lot)


If the quiz asks: Water and Demon
-> it means the monster MUST be Water AND Demon
-> the answer is: 0
Why? No monster is both Water and Demon

If the quiz asks: Water or Demon
-> it means the monster MUST be Water OR Demon
-> the answer is: All Water or Demon monsters
Which is all Porings, Marina, Moonlight, Giearth and Harpy.

Good luck and happy mini gaming!


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