Update History

A log to keep track of when guides were added, amended and adjusted. 😉

RO Beach Party

Last edited: 6th August 2020

06/08/2020: Added Genetic Hell Plant & Farming builds, added Saint build

01/07/2020: Included Mini Games at Louyang, Wasteland

02/06/2020: Added SinX Farm guide, edited Ranger builds, edited Creator builds, edited Priest builds

29/03/2020: Added Battle Priest guide, Adjusted Creator farming build, edited links

24/03/2020: Added Deleting Character facts

23/03/2020: Added Base Stat Formula

21/03/2020: Added Doram Builds, Adjusted Merchant Build

03/01/2020: 100% Stun Guide


23/12/2019: Adjusted Priest Build, Refreshed Training Guide

15/03/2019: Added Creator Builds

14/032019: Edited Blacksmith, Priest, Lord Knight & Paladin Builds. Also included Equipment & Rune tips


23/11/2018: Added Archer / Hunter / Sniper Guide, Amended Paladin Guide

18/112018: Added weapon for Priests, Added Alternative builds for Priests & High Priests, Added Useful Links

14/11/2018: Amended Training/Grinding spots, Added Useful Links

11/11/2018: Added Merchant / Blacksmith / Whitesmith Guide

8/11/2018: Added Swordsman/ Lord Knight / Paladin Guide, Priest Training / Grinding Spots

7/11/2018: Added Training / Grinding Spots

6/11/2018: Created website, added Priest Guide