RO Mobile: Rune Knight Dragon Breath

Rune Knight Dragon Breath

This build is courtesy of iwacku, an awesome contributor or TataRom.


Lvl 5   Bash
Lvl 10 Endure
Lvl 10 Taunt
Lvl 10   Magnum Break
Lvl 5   Increase Recuperative Power


Lvl 10 Pierce
Lvl 10 Spear Mastery
Lvl 5   Cavalry Combat
Lvl 5   Cavalry Mastery
Lvl 5   Heart of Steel
Lvl 5   Aura Blade


Lvl 20 Pierce
Lvl 20 Spear Mastery
Lvl 20 Aura Blade

Lord Knight

Lvl 10 Lord’s Aura
Lvl 5 Concentration
Lvl 5 Call of Justice
Lvl 10 Hp Alight

Rune Knight

Lvl 5  Dragon training
Lvl 3  Dragon howling
Lvl 10 Dragon breath
Lvl 10 Sink or Swim
Lvl 5   Dragon’s Protection
Lvl 5   Rune Mastery (Passive)


Offhand: Rosa Bracelet
Armor: Tights / Staunch Armor ( Get Ignore def 4th enchant )
Garment: Ancient Cape
Shoes: Rune Boots
Accessory: Eye of Dullahan
Accessory: Staunch Ring ( To pair with Staunch Armor ) / Strength Ring
Weapon: Lance of Dragon Tamer / Dragon Howl
Headwear: Frost Winter Whisper Rosette / Any headgear that ++ Atk / M.Atk
Face: Frost Masquerade Mask / Any face that ++ Atk / M.Atk
Mouth: Deep Sea Love / Any Mouth that ++ Atk / M.Atk
Back: Thunder Taiko / Devil Wing
Tail: Windperch Drake


Dragon Breath – Enhance
Aura Blade – Empower
Cavalry Mastery- Utility
Cavalry Mastery- Utility II
Ignore Def

If you think you have an awesome build to contribute, let me know!

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