Zeny Farming Methods

List of Zeny Farming Methods

  1. Farm Grind
  2. Pet Adventure
  3. Merchant Crafting
  4. Exchange Monitoring

1.Farm Grind

Green – Monsters spawn individually

Blue – Monsters spawn in groups (can stay alert/open chat)

Red – Chance of dying is high if no 1-HIT (or fast enough)

Utilise Group Hunting 5 – increase drop rate of Zeny & Loot
Link: HERE

Lvl 38: Hornet (Garlet & Honey)
Lvl 39: Steam Goblin (Zeny, Coal)
Lvl 44: Andre (Scell)
Lvl 59: Savage (Hard Skin)
Lvl 61: Eggyra (Evil Horn)
Lvl 63: Munak (Immortal Heart)

Lvl 70-71: Orc Warrior (Skel Bone) & Orc Archer (Glass Bead)

Lvl 76: Kobold (Axe) (Zeny & Necklace of Wisdom)

Lvl 76: Sky Petite (Hand of God)
Lvl 88: Rideword (Brigan)
Lvl 81-89: Glast Heim Culvert (Zeny) – Formless, Dark, Fish, 60k-81k HP

Lvl 93: Baphomat Jr (Necklace of Oblivion)
Lvl 98: Punk (Temporal Crystal)
Lvl 100: Black Witch (Glitter Shell)
Lvl 109: Orc Lady (Witch Star Dust)
Lvl 110: Myst Case (Frozen Heart) – Formless, 108k HP
Lvl 111: Cruiser (Box Wrapper) – Formless, 98k HP
Lvl 119: Harpy (Harpy Feather, Zeny) – Wind, 169k HP

Suggested classes to use that are easy to gear:

Archer: Fast, easy, long range, use Trapper for initial start
Merchant: Easy Cart Revolution rune build, nice to farm in group

2.Pet Adventure

Unlock Level 110 Pet Adventure: Niflheim
-requires 3 Level 110 pets

Complete the Level 108 Skellington Pet Adventure with:

  • Dullahan
  • Orc Warrior
  • Dokebi (Reduce Combat time)

Get a chance to receive:
Little Red Riding Hood (900k ea), Shield Shard (450k ea), Shining Holy Water (700k) ea, Rag Cape Shard (800k ea), Fiery Ember (200k ea)
– prices are as at 24th December 2019

Can get up to 30 boxes a day
– 150 mins CT a day
– 30 mins music
– 60 mins mentor potions

= 240 mins (24 mins per round)
=10 rounds x 3 reward chests (Dullahan + Orc Warrior)
= 30 reward chests/ day

3.Merchant Crafting

Craft Normal Precision Stones and chance upon Expert Precision Stones using Blacksmith’s Enchanted Stone Craft

View Merchant Crafting Build here.


  • 1 x Topaz
  • 1 x Gold Sand
  • 1 x Black Magic Ore (purchasable at Item shop)
  • 5x Magic Gear Fuel (receive when killing monsters nearby with 1 SP into Enchanted Stone Craft)

Sell Precision stones of smaller stacks on the Exchange.

4.Exchange Monitoring

Getting a few bucks from trading when high price and buying when low price is an art.

Things you’ll need:

  • Capital (Initial investment of Zeny)
  • Time, Patience
  • Diligence

First, you need to be very diligent in checking trends, what item is popular (can check with Assistant in-game) and what updates are coming in the near future.

For example: I saw that Fang of Garm was very cheap before patch 6.0, at 91k each. This was due to the fact that everyone has probably tiered up their equipment and no longer need the Fangs, so there was a slurplus.

Second, you need to have some capital, initial investment. I purchased 200 Fangs (worth 18.2 million) – i honestly should have bought more, and when Episode 6.0 came out, the prices went up to 150k each. I earned 11.8 million Zeny.

It’s not much to some of you, but me being a main Priest and a semi-F2P player, this was a lot for me.