RO Mobile: Doram Physical & Magical

2 types of Doram:

  • Physical Doram
  • Magical Doram

Physical Doram

The Stats

119 DEX
119 AGI
INT the rest (SP regen)

After becoming an Animist with Life Soul

119 VIT
119 AGI
DEX the rest

The Build – Doram Physical Warlock

Lvl 10 Soul Bead
Lvl 10 Soul Strike
Lvl 3 Stealthed
Lvl 5 Stoop
Lvl 5 Jump (click on mount to cancel long animation)
Lvl 5 Stealthed
Lvl 10 Stoop

The Build – Doram Physical Spiritualist

Lvl 10 Picky Peck
Lvl 5 Curled Beetle Charge
Lvl 3 Fresh Shrimp
Lvl 10 Shrimp Swamp
Lvl 5 Meow Crowd
Lvl 3 Tarou Trauma
Lvl 4 Tuna Steak

The Build – Doram Physical Summoner

Lvl 10 Lunatic Carrot Pound
Lvl 10 Life Power
Lvl 1 Night Vision
Lvl 5 Cat Sight
Lvl 5 Hiss
Lvl 5 Tuna Steak
Lvl 5 Tuna Party
Lvl 3 Oceanic Power


5 points – Lunatic Carrot Pound
10 points – Life Power
5 points – Curled Beetle Charge
10 points – Soul Bead

The Build – Doram Physical Animist

Lvl 1 Formidable Meow
Lvl 1 Savage Soul
Lvl 20 Life Soul
Lvl 10 Savage Soul
Lvl 10 Oceanic Power
Lvl 1 Groom
Lvl 1 Rumble
Lvl 10 Tasty Shrimp Party
Lvl 10 Oceanic Soul

Job Level 60-80

Lvl 20 Force Focus

Physical Doram – Equipment

Weapon – Wonderful Fox Grass – Fine Fox Grass – Fine Pink Fox Grass (Synthesis)
Offhand – Rosa Bracelet / Nile’s Bracelet
Armor – Elegant Doram Manteau – Elegant Doram Suit – +12 Lazy Meow Cat (Synthesis) / The Chosen’s Gown (Synthesis) / God’s Blessings Armor (Synthesis)
Garment – Ancient Cape
Footgear – Rune Boots
Accessory – +12 Dog Servant (Synthesis) / Ring of Immortality (Synthesis) / Survival Ring (Craft from Rachel NPC) / Staunch Ring
Headwear – Abyssal Cry, Carousel Dream, Thunder God’s, Normal the Unicorn (Gacha) / Majestic Goat, Corsair, Cat Ear Beret (Non Gacha)
Face – Star Love Song, Frost Masquerade Mask, Shield of Valhalla (Gacha) / Beast Mask (Event crafting) / Dragon Scape Stripe (Non Gacha)
Mouth – Pipe, Abyss Whisper, Blow Gun
Back – Emerald Heart, Thunder Taiko, Frost Mistletoe (Gacha) / Devil Wing, Baby Owl, Steward Briefcase (Non Gacha)
Tail – Windperch Drake, Sir Louis Sixteenth, GUTS WING 1 (Gacha) / Beast’s Tail, Ice Ridge Sculpture, Acnient Dragon’s Plate (Non Gacha)

Physical Doram – Cards

Weapon – Element, Size, Racial cards (i.e. Peco Peco Egg Card, Menblatt Card, Desert Wolf Card, Meta Ant Egg Card)
Offhand – Element, Racial cards (i.e. Agent of Love, Draco Card (Earth), Dark Shadow Card (Dark), etc.)
Armor – Munak ★ Card, Peco Peco Card, Archer Skeleton ★ Card
Garment – Orc Zombie ★ Card (HP), Eclipse ★ Card (end game(, Toad ★ Card (end game)
Footgear – Ferus Card
Accessory – Scarecrow ★ Card, Zipper Bear ★ Card / Any racial cards (i.e. Ultraman Card)
Headgear – Andre ★ Card, Eggyra ★ Card

Physical Doram – Runes

Soul Strike – Penetration
Curled Beetle Charge (AGI)
DEX Runes
Lunatic Power Pound (Effect)
Ignore Def

After Animist

Life Soul (Limit)
Lunatic Gunner Runes
Max HP %
VIT Runes
Savage Soul Effect
DEX Runes|
Ignore Def
Shrimp Swamp Atk
HP & Atk (Contribution)

Advanced Rune

Life Burst Rune (S Rune)
Meow Hunter Rune (S Rune)
Shrimp Frenzy Rune (A Rune)
Buggy Quick Strike Rune (B Rune)

Auto Skill Slot

Soul Bead, Curled Beetle Charge, Shrimp Swamp/Tasty Shrimp Party
Lunatic Carrot Pound, Savage Soul, Lunatic Gunner

Magical Doram

The Stats

119 INT
DEX until Cat Meteor is at 0.00 Cast Time
AGI the rest (for Corn Gattling & crit dmg)

The Build – Doram Magical Warlock

Lvl 10 Soul Bead
Lvl 10 Soul Strike
Lvl 5 Stealthed
Lvl 10 Stoop
Lvl 5 Jump

The Build – Doram Magical Spiritualist

Lvl 10 Kiwi Stalk Gun
Lvl 3 Fresh Shrimp
Level 10 Shrimp Swamp
Lvl 1 Kiwi Rootstock Twining
Lvl 10 Catnip Meteor
Lvl 5 Tuna Steak
Lvl 4 Fresh Shrimp

The Build – Doram Magical Summoner

Lvl 5 Cat Mint Powder
Lvl 10 Earth Power
Lvl 5 Meow Meow
Lvl 1 Night Vision
Lvl 5 Cat sight
Lvl 5 Tuna Party
Lvl 9 Oceanic Power


10 points – Catnip Metoer [20]
10 points – Earth Power [20]
5 points – Meow Meow [10]
1 point – Oceanic Power [10]
1 point – Groom
3 points – any skills you’d like

The Build – Doram Magical Animist

Lvl 5 Meow
Lvl 3 Meow Grass
Lvl 20 Earth Soul
Lvl 1 Rumble
Lvl 10 Tasty Shrimp Party
Lvl 20 Ocean Soul

Job Level 60-80

Lvl 20 Force Focus

Magical Doram – Equipment

Weapon – Magical Fox Grass 🡪 Magical Yellow Fox Grass (synthesis) / Wizardry Staff
Offhand – Sacrifice Book
Armor – +10/+12/+15 Lazy Meow Coat (Synthesis) / Tier 3 Mage Coat
Garment – Natto Kig’s Manteau / Cat’s Blessing / Staunch Cape (reduce CT)
Footgear – Elegent Doram Shoes / Crystal Pumps / Rune Boots / Staunch Shoes (reduce CT)
Accessory – Talisman Grass Necklace -> Four-leaf Clover Necklace / Eye of Dullahan (cheaper) / Orlean’s Gloves (cheapest)
Headwear – Ned Hoge’s Poison Fang (Headwear Gacha) / Little Tree Hat (6 INT) / Sunday Hat (reduce CT) / Coif (M.Dmg %)
Face – Monocle
Mouth – Starlight Lullaby (Headwear Gacha) / Angry Snarl (reduce CT)
Back – Devil Wing
Tail – Flower Pastil (Headwear Gacha) / Fire Tail

Magical Doram – Cards

Weapon – Racial cards (i.e. Peco Peco Egg Card, Goblin Card, etc.)
Offhand – Gemini’s Love
Armor – Munak ★ Card / Agav Card (if 130% ignore Mdef achieved)
Garment – Celebration Collection Card / Harpy ★ Card / Raydric ★ Card (this is best)
Footgear – Familiar ★ Card
Accessory – Zipper Bear ★ Card / Any racial cards (i.e. Ultraman Card)
Headgear – Sealed Apocalypse Card

Magical Doram – Runes

Earth Damage
Ignore MDef
Neutral Damage
Kiwi Stalk Gun (Effect)
Catnip Meteor (Effect)
Catnip Meteor (Quick Cast)
Corn Gatling
No Entry
Shrimp Swamp
Kiwi Rootstock Twining (Powerful)
Kiwi Rootstock Twining (Fading)

Advanced Rune

Flying Frisbee Rune (S Rune)
Meow Hunter Rune (S Rune)
Shrimp Frenzy Rune (A Rune)

Leave a comment if you have questions or think you’ve got the best Doram build ever. 😉


16 thoughts on “RO Mobile: Doram Physical & Magical

  1. The Magical Doram Build does not explain why you have the Skill Rumble on “The Build – Doram Magical Animist” when you did not even put a skill point under the skill Groom of “The Build – Doram Magical Summoner”. Please do check.


  2. Thank you for the guide, hope you arr able to create more content from builds,tips and tricks on playing ROM.



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