RO Mobile: 100% Stun Resist Guide

A quick list of things that can help you reach your 100% Stun Resist.

1. Meteorite Armor: 50% Stun Resist

Meteorite Armor gives a lovely 50% Stun and Freeze resist!
This is a MUST HAVE for all players seeking to reach that 100% Stun Resist dream.

2. Advanced Enchantments

You will need to spend Mora Coins for Advanced Enchantment. How do you get a lot of Mora coins? Here’s a link to help you with that.

List of Equipment to Enchant

Weapon: 1-25% Stun Resist
Armor: 1-25% Stun Resist
Garment: 1-25% Stun Resist
Shoes: 1-25% Stun Resist

Try to get at least 17% for each of the equipment.
Total = 68% (4 x 17%)

Take note!

Not all equipment can be enhanced to get Stun Resist. Be sure to check it before spending your Mora coins!


1. Click “Advanced Enchantment”
2. Click on the small ‘i’ for more information.
3. Oh no! Looks like this equipment can’t be enhanced to get Stun Resist

3. Cards

Pupa Card (Armor): 5% Stun Resist (Deposit)

Take note!

According to some ROM players, Orc Hero Card does NOT grant immunity to stun effects, merely “avoids” it.

Sometimes, your opponent may have a higher stun rate than your stun resist, and hence you will STILL get stunned.

Source: Orc Hero Card does not give immunity?

So don’t go wasting your precious BCC on this! Get the equipment, enchantments as well as Pupa card.

Total = 123%
50% (Meteorite) + 68% (Enchantments) + 5% Pupa card

Good luck!

Be Kind,

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